Construction Industry-


Our welding program prepares learners for careers as welders, cutters, machine setters, operators,  etc.  

12 Week Program

  • 130 Instructor hours
  • 40 Lab hours 
  • In-person/Hybrid


  • Seventh-grade math and reading level (assessments can be scheduled at the academy)

Schedule Options

  • This program is available in person and hybrid only.
  • Meet 3 days per week with Morning  (9 AM-11 AM), Afternoon(1 PM-3 PM) or Evening (6 PM-8 PM) schedule options.
Units                                       Hours Per Unit
  • Welding Essentials                                 32
  • Production Process and Fabrication  33
  • Blueprints and Measurements            33
  • Welding Techniques                              32
  • Lab                                                           40

Learning Outcomes

  • Ability to demonstrate an understanding of equipment and safety procedures
  • Demonstrate an understanding of blueprints, technical drawing, and ability to make precise measurements commercial, and industrial wiring)
  • Demonstrate understanding of  oxyacetylene and electric arc processes
  • Demonstrate understanding of machining, tooling, and materials


Credentials from:


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Monday - Thursday

9am - 6pm