Electrical Technician

Electrical Technician

Electrical Technicians (also known as Electricians) install and maintain electrical systems in residential and commercial construction. They also work in mechnainal industries as installers and repairers often servicing the EV automotive industry.

This program will prepare learners to work in these industries and to test for the Electrical Contractor License.


 12 Week Program

  • 150 Instructor hours
  • 40 Lab hours 
  • In-person/Hybrid


  • Seventh-grade math and reading level (assessments can be scheduled at the academy)

Schedule Options

  • This program is available in person.
  • Meet 3 days per week with Morning  (9 AM-11 AM), Afternoon(1 PM-3 PM) or Evening (6 PM-8 PM) schedule options.

Units                                         Hours

  • Electronics 101                                    15
  • PLC Programming                               15
  • Digital Electronics                                15
  • Circuit Analysis                                     15
  • Electronics                                             15
  • Residential Wiring                               20
  • Commercial Wiring                             20
  • Electrician Local & National Code    10
  • Electric Motors and Controls            10
  • Electrical Troubleshooting                15

Learning Outcomes

  • Ability to demonstrate an understanding of electrical code
  • Demonstrate an understanding of electrical wiring volt services, panel boards, circuits, etc. (residential, commercial, and industrial wiring)
  • Demonstrate understanding of electrical troubleshooting

Credentials from:

shallow focus photo of man fixing steel cable



440 Burroughs St.

Detroit, MI 48202


Monday - Thursday

9am - 6pm