DiverseNote Mobility offers resources to help learners thrive in their programs and beyond.  We foster these resources to benefit the experience of our learners.  These resources are included and available with your enrollment in a DiverseNote Mobility program.
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Language Services

Is English your second language?  DiverseNote Mobility offers translators.  Also, take an ESL course at DiverseNote Mobility to assist with understanding the language of your career industry of interest.

Career Preparedness

Take a 2-week career preparedness course as an added benefit to your training.  Career preparedness focuses on time management, work-life cultures, professional networking, self-advocacy, financial management, and more.

Career Services

Receive career services from your personal career coach. Work with a Career Services Specialist to set career goals and achieve milestones throughout your program and beyond.

College Credits & Scholarships

Once you graduate from a DiverseNote Mobility program would you like to also pursue a college degree?  All DiverseNote Mobility graduates have access to college credits from over 40 college and university partners that offer college credits and scholarships to pursue a degree.


Social Services

Have a barrier you would like to overcome to help you reach career and economic mobility? Meet with one of the social success specialists at DiverseNote Mobility.

These resources may include but are not limited to…

  • Transportation
  • Remote work center access
  • Work permit
  • Child care
  • and more
Online, in-person, and hybrid options are available.    Program lengths range between 1 to 4 months.
Find your program and apply. Now accepting applications.
Full tuition assistance is available for qualified applicants. Tuition assistance can be requested in your program application.


“My experience here at DiverseNote has truly been profound. I have learned so much in the few weeks of the program and feel that it will help me greatly in my future, but hopefully near future career. I have grown in knowledge about technology I never thought I would be as interested in and I truly appreciate this opportunity you gave me. You have opened doors for me that I thought were forever locked to me.”

Jenny R.

“What I learned over the past 6 weeks at DiverseNote Mobility is that you can have no experience working with coding but you can learn fast. DiverseNote is a program where you can get technology experiences from an early start program.”

Biannca R.

“I really enjoyed being a candidate in the DiverseNote Mobility program.  Cybersecurity is one of the topics that I enjoyed the most and I intend to learn more so I can pursue a career in cybersecurity. I was also able to enhance my programming skills by learning python and now I can say that I know more than one programming language. Thank you for this amazing opportunity.”

Iffat S.



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