Two Paths with DiverseNote Mobility Career Services

Career Path

Before graduating from a DiverseNote Mobility program, work with our career services team to schedule your interviews with our Employer Partners.

Upon graduation, be placed in a paid internship, apprenticeship program, or full-time job.

Higher Education Path

Access scholarships from the top colleges and universities in the country.  The DiverseNote Mobility Higher Education path provides you with the scholarships and admissions support you need to pursue any degree with college/university partner institutions.

Scholarships start at 50% or more off of tuition and fees.


Get Coached

The DiverseNote student success platform provides coaching that gets you from students to a professional. Plan your next steps, set goals, and achieve them with this tool.

Get Noticed

DiverseNote Employer and University Partners are looking for you. Get noticed through the DiverseNote student’s success platform. Create your account today.

Get the Job

Search for careers and get recruited. Work with a DiverseNote Mobility career counselor and search for jobs on the DiverseNote student’s success platform.

Reach your goals.  See the different learning to career pathways DiverseNote Mobility offers.

The access you need to go forward

Our Stats

DiverseNote Mobility programs have proven to provide the access and opportunity you are looking for.

  • Job Placement rate – 98%
  • Higher Ed Admissions Rate – 95%

Recruit skilled, experienced, and innovative talent.

Become an Employer Partner