Intro to Cyber Security

Learn the essentials of cybersecurity, including core technologies used in industry, understanding of cybersecurity practices, and more. 

This program explores cyber trends, threats—along with the broader topic of cybersecurity.  You’ll learn how to protect your personal privacy online while gaining additional insight into the challenges companies, and governmental and educational institutions face today. You’ll also earn a Networking Academy badge for completing this course.

Cybersecurity –

Intro to Cybersecurity

Learn the essentials of cybersecurity, including core technologies used in industry, understanding of cybersecurity practices, and more. This program is for learners new to the industry that want a broad understanding of what is needed to have a successful career in cybersecurity. Learn from industry experts, work on industry challenges, and be ready for the next step.  Upon completion, earn the Cisco Networking Academy Introduction to Cybersecurity Badge.

12 Week Program
  • 135 Required Understanding course hours
    • Intro to Python
    • Intro to Statistics
    • College Level English (Freshman level)
  • 120 Instructor hours
  • No previous knowledge is needed for this introductory course. 

Schedule Options
  • This program is available online
  • Meet 3 days per week with Morning (9 AM-11 AM),  Afternoon      (1 PM-3 PM) or Evening (6 PM-8 PM) schedule options.

Program Objectives

Obtain introductory knowledge of cybersecurity, including the global implications of cyber threats, the impact of cyber-attacks on industries, and why cybersecurity is a growing profession. Students will have an understanding of the ways in which networks are vulnerable to attack and Cisco’s approach to threat detection and defense.

Learning Outcomes

  • Explain the need and importance of cybersecurity.
  • Explain the characteristics and value of personal data,
    and data within an organization
  • Recognize the characteristics and operation of a cyber
  • Interpret the trends in the cyber threat landscape
  • Learn techniques to protect organizations from cyber
  • Recognize the behavior-based approach to
  • Explain Cisco’s approach to cybersecurity
  • Understand legal and ethical issues in cybersecurity.
  • Explain the opportunities for pursuing an education and a career in cybersecurity
  • Introduction to different types of malware and attacks, and how organizations are protecting themselves against these attacks.
  • Demonstrate understanding of languages used to describe cybersecurity concepts is designed to be easily understood by learners at all levels and embedded interactive activities help reinforce comprehension.




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