Auto Technician

The auto industry is growing and provides a range of career opportunities available for you.  According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and USA Today, the industry is growing.  


Automotive –

Auto Technician

Operators in the Auto Mechanics industry provide mechanical and electrical repair and maintenance for a variety of vehicles, including cars, trucks, vans, and trailers. There is an increased need for licensed mechanics that specialize in electric and autonomous vehicles.

Operators include self-employed mechanics, with employers making up 64.3% of total operators, auto repair shops, garages, and car care centers. Over the past five years, the industry experienced healthy growth, as consumers and businesses increased their demand for industry services. Per capita disposable income levels and corporate profit grew during the period, enabling more consumers to forego do it yourself repairs and enlist industry operators to complete the necessary repairs and maintenance needed for their vehicles.

12 Week Program

  • 123 Instructor hours
  • 20 Lab hours
  • In-person/hybrid only



Units                                                   Hours Per Unit

Vehicle Inspection                               30

Brake Systems                                     24

Electronic Components                      30

Automotive Troubleshooting            15

Intro to Database Interfaces             24

Automotive Lab                                   20

Total                                                     143

Schedule Options

  • This program is available in person or hybrid only.
  • Meet 3 days per week with Morning (9 AM-11 AM), Afternoon(1 PM-3 PM) or Evening (6 PM-8 PM) schedule options.

Learning Outcomes

■ Demonstrate proficiency in vehicle inspection

■ Demonstrate proficiency in repairing brake systems

■ Demonstrate proficiency in testing electronic components

■ Demonstrate proficiency in automotive troubleshooting

■ Demonstrate proficiency in the database interface

■ Demonstrate proficiency in electric vehicle systems


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